Series: The Valentino’s Victorian Series, Book 3
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

It's Fall of 1869 and love is starting to blossom in the lovely city of Portland!

Meet Beatrice, the only girl of the Valentino family. She's a wanderer, an artist, and a sometime writer. She didn't know what she was supposed to do with her life from the time that her ex-beau left her because of her inability to have kids.

Due to that, she had already made herself a wall not to let anyone in cause she doesn't want to be broken-hearted again. However, she was introduced to James Masters, a doctor who was an expert on germs and he agreed to work for the Valentino hospital. They have been corresponding back and forth for the past year and Beatrice is starting to get comfortable with him.

  • Can Beatrice's feeling be able to change her mind about getting close to a man?
  • Will James Masters get disappointed about Beatrice not being able to bear a child?
  • Will a life-threatening tragedy make them open up their feelings for each other?

Come to the cold and a bit snowy city of Portland Oregon! Become a master of sanitation with the cleaning expert Dr. James Masters, get to know the natural wonders of the Secret cave and meet our heroine Beatrice, who has learned to let go of all of her inhibitions in the hopes of finding true love.

"This is a story about tragedy, fear, faith, triumph and true love."

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