A clean American mail order bride Western Romance box set

This historical boxed set is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid 18th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love

Denver Double Disaster ~ Book #5

Meet Victoria Butterworth, she’s an 18 year old who likes to roughhouse with the boys, is a self-proclaimed tomboy and wears men’s jeans. She doesn't mind being with a man or having children. After a tragic accident in the family, she finds herself with only three choices. To work in a dirty, dangerous and long-houred job at the local factory, become a nun at the convent, or take a huge risk and go along with a girl she just met and plan to marry total stranger out West, that which she had corresponded with one time.

Being in town only five minutes, what is it that she does that shocks the locals?
Why does she and her handsome fiance William, think they just made the biggest mistake of their lives?
Who will lose out at the family picnic as grizzly bears attack?

California Calamity ~ Book #6

Meet Beth, she just turned 18 years old, comes from a loving, happy family with five sisters. With no local work or prospects for a good husband, Beth knows it is time to make her way into the world and relieve some of the financial pressure on her overworked and loving parents. Jokingly, a friend presented her with a crazy idea to marry a successful businessman in the rapidly growing area of northern California who promises her of security. She takes the leap of faith and a long voyage, to marry a man she has never seen a picture of or spoken too.

Why does Jacob treat her so cold?
Will San Francisco and Jacob survive the destruction that is coming their way?
Will Beth ever know joy and love again?

Virginia City Veto ~ Book #7

Meet Mary Beth, the educated and sophisticated belle from the affluent town of Charleston. She has taken the role of a mother since her mom died after giving birth to her little sister. Both she and her sister got the best education available because their dad is a prominent farmer in their town. His father had their vast lands worked on by slaves that his father acquired from different places. However, due to the abolishment of slavery after the Civil War, his dad is slowly losing their crops and their wealth because no one is tending to their land. His father secretly sets her up as a mail-order bride for a very wealthy miner out West in exchange for a very large sum of money to save their land.

Can this deceptive arrangement have a good outcome for Henry and Mary Beth?
Will Mary Beth agree with his father's decision?
Will Henry's treatment of her be different from his usual treatment for others?

New York City Misfortune ~ Book 8

Meet Catherine Murphy, a first-generation American that came from a loving, self-made, up-and-coming Irish family. New York City has been great to her however she longs for the adventure of the wild West. All of a sudden, her carpenter apprentice brother, that she loves dearly, has been set up and thrown into jail, while her parents business is failing rapidly. Is something amiss? She decides to take a bold move and quickly agree to marry a lawyer/rancher out West. In hopes that she can save her brother.

Will Mr. James Kelly be all that he claims to be?
Can James save her brother from injustice?
Will Catherine and James overcome their differences and find true love?

Come on out West and see the girls’ journey in finding meaning to their life, meeting different people and getting a shot at finding true love.

…“these are stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”

A clean novelette American mail order bride historical Western box set series

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