Box Set #6: Historical Tales of Western Brides Books 21-25

Box Set #6: Historical Tales of Western Brides Books 21-25

Special 5 Book Box Set! SERIES FINALE of Historical Tales of Western Brides Only 99 cents!

American Mail order brides of the West, historically inspired clean and wholesome short story romance 5 Book Box Set.

This historical, inspirational Western romance much loved series is about empowered women who selflessly give up everything for the improvement of their families. They turn around their hopeless circumstances in this 19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover authentic men and true love.

Clementine's Murder and Marriage ~ Book #21

Meet Clementine Curry, a reputable nurse on board a Pacific Railroad train. The voyage that she thought would be beautiful turned out to be a disaster when a woman from a nearby cabin found two bloody bodies on the floor. As Clementine rushes out to help, she has the worst luck of all when a certain Archibald Whitting, a Pacific Railroad company representative, accuses her of committing the crime and locks her up; just at the time when Clementine is on the way to her marriage.

What mysteries surround the two victims found on the floor?

Amber's Hope ~ Book #22

Meet Amber Barclay Reed, at a young age, she became the eldest of her three siblings and became the primary help of their mother in taking care of them and the house. They were one, big, happy family until another surprising news was announced two days before Amber’s twentieth birthday. Their parents were having another baby! This was the beginning when things eventually changed to her family. 

What happened that night that ended them in a dreadful situation?

Chalisa's Challenge - Book #23

Meet Chalisa Rutherford, beautiful and slim, Chalisa has bright hair and creamy skin, but there was one thing about her that many of the potential suitors could not overcome: her height of 4’5”. Her last beau Sam, whom she had deeply fallen in love with. However, his parents forbid him to marry her due to her size! 

What important detail did Adam leave out of his letters that will change everything for them?

Tillie's Tombstone Treasure - Book #24

Meet Tillie McCarthy, a mail order bride who is married to Desmond, a minister. He gets reassigned to a dry desert town called tombstone. The first day they arrived they are told they will end up on the wrong side of a gun if they do not leave town immediately.

Will Tillie and minister Desmond make it out alive?

Cora's Gem - Book #25

Meet Cora, a mail order bride for two years and happily married to Jonah. All is well in life, their farm is doing excellent, they live in a beautiful home and she loves to bake. Why all of their friends and neighbors are having children are starting to wonder about her. No baby yet. She dreads going and visiting the new moms every time a child is born. If she hears one more suggestion on how to get pregnant it’s going to make her pull her hair out. What will she and her husband are going to do?

What do they find on their front porch that will change their lives forever?

Come on out West and see the girls’ journey in finding meaning to their life, meeting different people and getting a shot at finding true love.

…“These are stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”

While these books are a part of a romance series and box set, they can definitely be read as a standalone book.

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Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance box set series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

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Series: Inspirational Historical Western Box Sets
Genres: Box Set, Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Length: Short stories collection
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