Clementine’s Murder and Marriage

Clementine’s Murder and Marriage
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mail Order Bride, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance.

It’s 1884 and a mystery is brewing inside one of the trains of Pacific Railroad Company heading for Puget Road.

This historical, inspirational Western romance much loved series is about empowered women who selflessly give up everything for the improvement of their families. They turn around their hopeless circumstances in this 19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover authentic men and true love.

Meet Clementine Curry, a reputable nurse on board a Pacific Railroad train. The voyage that she thought would be beautiful turned out to be a disaster when a woman from a nearby cabin found two bloody bodies on the floor. As Clementine rushes out to help, she has the worst luck of all when a certain Archibald Whitting, a Pacific Railroad company representative, accuses her of committing the crime and locks her up; just at the time when Clementine is on the way to her marriage.

What mysteries surround the two victims found on the floor?

Who committed the gruesome act inside the train?

Will Clementine be able to uncover the mysteries and be on time for her marriage?

Brace yourself to an exciting and suspense-filled adventure as we unravel the mysteries together with the courageous Clementine. Join her as she struggles to find the perpetrators and cleans her name from any liability in time for her to reach her love in matrimony.

....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....

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