Box Set #1: Copper City Books 1-4

Box Set #1: Copper City Books 1-4
Series: Copper City
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

A clean American mail order bride Western Romance - 4 book PLUS BONUS. All bestseller box set.

This inspirational historical Western romance series is about empowered women who turn around their disabilities and hopeless circumstances in the late 18th century. The stories take place in the mining town of Jerome Arizona where there are only a few decent women and lots of nefarious activities.

#1 Sophia

An 18-year-old orphan from Atlanta. Her mom died from childbirth, and her dad got killed when she was 6 years old. Her aunt and uncle took her in but gave her away to a girl's house because they don't want to be associated with someone who has a wandering eye.

She has made some good friends at the orphanage but time has come for her to leave cause she is already of age. The headmistress suggested she become a mail order bride for a tailor out West. With no options left, she answered an ad.

Will Sophia already feel the love she longs for in Jerome?

Will Noah accept her despite her flaws?

Did Sophia and Noah make the right decision or will they regret it forever?

#2 Audrey

She became dreadfully ill at the age of 5 which caused her to go blind. An easy target for bullying especially from the troublemaker boys who follows her around like a pack of wolves. She got traumatized, and that left her emotionally scarred.

Will Audrey get past her traumatic childhood experience?

Henry is seen following a Lady of the evening, Is it too late to save this marriage?

Could a horrible Town incident bond their relationship or break them apart?

#3 Elizabeth

She’s 18 years old and beautiful. However it is time to leave the girls house has called home. The local boys are uninterested in her due to the fact she has a withered arm and knuckled hand. She agrees to marry Benjamin a copper mining businessman in the bustling town of Jerome.

What devastating event changed her future forever?

Will she ever find true happiness and love in this nefarious mining town?

Should she leave Jerome Arizona?

#4 Emma

She’s 18 years old good-looking and walks with a pronounced limp from a carriage accident. She is so happy to ave found a lawyer gentleman in the same town as her friends in the “Girls Advantage Club” With Sophia, Audrey, and Elizabeth. She has seen a photograph of him and he is very handsome. All is well or is it?

Why is the wedding so rushed?

Is Mr. William Devonshire a quality man, or just another snake in the grass lawyer with a cowboy hat?

What devastating surprise does Emma find out minutes after the wedding that changes her life forever?

#5 Bonus Book by Best Selling Author – Terri Grace

The Surprise Valentine Delivery

A forced holiday due to an accident leads the compassionate midwife, Judith Haskell, to an event that will change her life forever. Unmarried, Judith ends up holding the newborn of a young lady who did not survive a difficult birth, and seeks to find any living relatives.

What happens when Judith knocks on this stranger’s door, babe in arms?

“These are stories of tragedy, fear, suspense, hope, romance and true love.”
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