Box Set #1: Deadwood Dakota Books 1-4

Box Set #1: Deadwood Dakota Books 1-4
Series: Deadwood Dakota Clean Romance Box Set
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance box set.


This box set series is about the four young women from the East Coast looking for love in a beautiful Mountainous town in South Dakota. The stories are about their challenges, their test of faith, and their triumphs of discovering true love and real men.

Deadwood Book #1 – Clara

Meet Clara, she started living with her mean grandmother since she was ten when her parents died in a fire. She wanted to escape the grasp of her grandmother, but she knows that she only has very few choices at hand. Her best friend Lindsay tells her that she must be a mail order bride to get out of town.

What fate is waiting for her in Deadwood?

What are the secrets Sam and his three brothers are hiding from her?

Did she finally find the man who will love her or she found herself another tyrant?

Deadwood Book #2 – Natalie

Meet Natalie, a beautiful sweet young lady. When Charles passed away, Natalie devoted herself as a volunteer worker at the local church. Until her friend showed an advertisement of the "Mail Order Bride". She got thrilled with the man she is writing to but had never met. Though she wanted to have a man like Charles, she still followed her mother's advice. So, she took the leap of faith to meet her beau in the nice, small town of Silver City. But in her surprise... everything is a lie!

Where is Kyle?..and why he didn't show up when she arrived at the station?

Now that she is in Kyle's rundown house, how can she live there when all her hopes are gone?

Is Walter her last hope to escape her dreadful situation?

Deadwood Book #3 – Rebecca

Meet Rebecca, her parents were killed in an accident days before her younger sister got married. She started looking for a job so she can provide for herself and get her mind off of all the bad things that have happened. She never felt so alone in her life, not until she came across this ad in the newspaper. She ended up answering it out of desperation, but she didn't care. Traveling to an unfamiliar place and marrying this guy whom she has never met was surprisingly the only thing that is giving her hope. But little did she know that meeting him and knowing more about him will change her mind.

What is Paul Pierce hiding from her?

Is traveling to Deadwood something that she will regret?

Can a secret tear them apart?

Deadwood Book #4 Edna Mae

Meet Edna, she just lost her fianc� in a tragic accident just a few days before the wedding. She is heartbroken and penniless and find herself in a town far away from family and friends.

Can she survive this tragic moment in her life?

His new friend Robert, a good Samaritan or just another man taking advantage of her?

Will she have to go against her moral judgment to survive?

Come on out West and see the girls’ journey in finding meaning to their life, meeting different people and getting a shot at finding true love.

....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....
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