Series: Historical Tales of Western Brides, Book 9
Genres: Christian Living, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Length: 61 pages

It’s 1871 and a bored, well-to-do Southern Belle seeks adventure and true love out West in Denver Colorado!

Meet Sally, She grew up in the lap of luxury in her palatial family home in Atlanta, but she never quite fit in with the rest of her family. Sally had a spunk about her – one that didn’t match the genteel nature and ladylike expectations of Southern belles. No, Sally secretly wanted a life of adventure, filled with exhilarating rides through mountain trails on horseback and getting back to nature.

Sally had her fair share of handsome suitors come her way, but none of them interested her or matched her sense of adventure. They were bankers and businessmen who seemed only worried about wearing the finest clothes and stocking their cabinets with the most expensive wines in the region. Sally wasn’t interested in the material things. It was something no one in her family could understand. Her father, having a stubborn streak of his own, became angry every time a gentleman stopped calling on his daughter. Then, she did a spur-of-the-moment decision. She answered an ad to become a mail-order-bride in Denver!

  • Will Denver be where she finds true love and adventure?
  • What is it that Sally forgot to ask Joseph Murray that changes everything?
  • What happens in Denver the first moment she got there that could undermine all of her dreams?

Come on out West, join us in the mile high city snuggled in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Hang out with young, handsome, smart, ambitious Joseph Murray. Meet his ruggedly handsome best friend and rancher Rex Butler. Joseph’s pleasant on the eyes hard-working secretary Annabelle. And bring your patience and your handkerchief because somebody's gonna get hurt which delays the wedding!

“A story of hope, romance, suspense, forgiveness, first love and faith.”

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