Series: Mallory Miracle Christmas, Book 3
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Christmas, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Holiday, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, Pioneer, Victorian, Western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Length: 90 pages

It’s 1886 love is starting to warm the hearts of three sisters on their way to snowy Denver Colorado.

This historical, inspirational Western holiday romance trilogy is about three East Coast sisters Clara, Martha and Emma and how they go through physical and emotional challenges for the betterment of their selves and their future families out West. It is a tale of adventure, trials, tribulations and miracles that test their faith for the improvement of their families. They turn around their tragic circumstances with strong faith and discover honest men and true love.

Meet Emma, Emma Victoria (Vic) Mallory, she is the youngest sisters. This spirited young lady yearns for freedom, she does not want to be confined to the shackles of marriage, cooking, and normal wifely duties! So she dresses up in loose-fitting men’s clothes and a big hat to pass herself off as a scrawny teenager to do as she pleases. She has most of the town of Santa Fe fooled. She gets herself hired on in a wild Mustang Drive, this is something she loves to do, and it will get her to her parents 44th wedding anniversary and earn a little money to boot. However, it gets complicated.

  • Someone finds out she is a girl on the trail ride then why does he keep her secret?
  • Will she survive the wild stallion bucking contest with the other all-male trail hands?
  • Will the snowstorm send them to meet their maker?

Put on your long johns, gloves and scarf, and come out for a wild Mustang horse drive with us from Santa Fe to Denver. You will get to know the hard-working boys on the trail. Cookie the amazing chef and friend. Wealthy handsome, well-mannered cowboy Thomas Bascom, an unusual little church in the Valley forest. Oh and don’t forget our heroine “Vic” Emma Victorian Mallory, who dresses like a young boy so she can play hard, however, her beauty shines through when she meets that special someone!

“This is a Christmas holiday story about fear, faith, acceptance, miracles and true love.”

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